I always used to love the "If I had an unlimited credit card" part of the blogs I follow the most...
So, this is my blog - filled with stuff I would buy with my - or let's say - Martin's credit card.
A much more realistic scenario, as I'm always broke!
For those who don't know Martin: He's not just sexy, he's funny too!

Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

Whooo hoooo !

Woohooo....  Just a few weeks to go... and then....
Check out this look !!

River Island £28

Zara CHF 79.90

Chloe Bag /
EUR 1205,60 (autsch!)

Mango CHF 49.90


Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013

Being a mom is not always easy...

... actually it never is...

But here's something that is easy... check out this look (as you can see I am dying for spring to begin) !

The perfect I-am-a-mom-and-so-easy-going look! Don't you think?


Rag and Bone

Rochas Paris

Flat shoes, so you don't look stupid pushing around your stroller ( a bugaboo of course), the rag and bone jeans (pants you can wear everyday). So, the keypieces of this look are definitely the Iro shirt ( a masterpiece) and the Rochas bag carying toys, drinks, food and sugarfree cookies for your little monster... ! Beijinhos P

Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

Well, well ... hell was I busy...

... as some of you may know... I am a mum now :-)


... and all of a sudden fashion is still important but there's no time left for anything...

I am really happy when I have the time to wash or brush my hair...  and this is unfortunately no joke!!!

On of my newest addicitions is baby-stuff of course...

And as I don't want my boy to look like all the other boys in the neighborhood I get his clothes online...

I don't really remember how I found this site... but I love it....

It's not expensive... and no one has it... !!!





So, guess I will keep you posted about these things to... :-)