I always used to love the "If I had an unlimited credit card" part of the blogs I follow the most...
So, this is my blog - filled with stuff I would buy with my - or let's say - Martin's credit card.
A much more realistic scenario, as I'm always broke!
For those who don't know Martin: He's not just sexy, he's funny too!

Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

Whooo hoooo !

Woohooo....  Just a few weeks to go... and then....
Check out this look !!

River Island £28

Zara CHF 79.90

Chloe Bag /
EUR 1205,60 (autsch!)

Mango CHF 49.90


Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013

Being a mom is not always easy...

... actually it never is...

But here's something that is easy... check out this look (as you can see I am dying for spring to begin) !

The perfect I-am-a-mom-and-so-easy-going look! Don't you think?


Rag and Bone

Rochas Paris

Flat shoes, so you don't look stupid pushing around your stroller ( a bugaboo of course), the rag and bone jeans (pants you can wear everyday). So, the keypieces of this look are definitely the Iro shirt ( a masterpiece) and the Rochas bag carying toys, drinks, food and sugarfree cookies for your little monster... ! Beijinhos P

Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

Well, well ... hell was I busy...

... as some of you may know... I am a mum now :-)


... and all of a sudden fashion is still important but there's no time left for anything...

I am really happy when I have the time to wash or brush my hair...  and this is unfortunately no joke!!!

On of my newest addicitions is baby-stuff of course...

And as I don't want my boy to look like all the other boys in the neighborhood I get his clothes online...

I don't really remember how I found this site... but I love it....

It's not expensive... and no one has it... !!!





So, guess I will keep you posted about these things to... :-)

Montag, 5. Dezember 2011

This looks promising... !



This bag from De La Fuente is so nice... it is simple, has enough space to carry around your whole life and fits with everything during the day!

Her website looks promising, I'll keep you posted...
In the meantime you can buy the bag on !

Bisou Bisou


Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

Fashion gift guide for your guy !

So, you're asking yourself the same question like every year...? Me too!
Martin usually buys himself everything he wants. At the end of the day there is nothing left for me to surprise him with...

Here are a few ideas for less complicated boyfriends ;)

Found on
The Nixon Watch 
That's for the hippster boyfriend - should you have one!

Found on
Porsche pencil and cuff links
That's for the design conscious boyfriend above 35!

Found on
Tumi travel handbag
That's for the guy who spontaneously takes you to Paris on a weekend!

Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

Cheap and Chic like Moschino :-)

... You don't need to buy expensive stuff to be chic... it's the mix that counts!
Lately I ve been posting a lot of high-end products, so I decided to spend some time checking out "Dorothy Perkins"...

28 £ OMG !

19 £ WTF?

30 £ :-)

So nice... I mean, now you can say: "You know what... I'll buy all of them"...


Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Little black dress !

Today I spent some time on Nicole Farhi's website...

Adorable dresses! But one dress in particular was love at first sight...


Its soooo hot... !

Good night ladies!