I always used to love the "If I had an unlimited credit card" part of the blogs I follow the most...
So, this is my blog - filled with stuff I would buy with my - or let's say - Martin's credit card.
A much more realistic scenario, as I'm always broke!
For those who don't know Martin: He's not just sexy, he's funny too!

Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2011

I know it seems insane...

... but it's not!

Well, everything started harmless - I was waiting for Martin, while he was still working... so I went to the Tommy Hilfiger Store and bought some shoes...

Ok, well, fair enough...  you might think!

But then I found my favorite sweater from H&M and even talked some lady I don't know into buying them too...

This sweaters are F A N T A S T I Q U E !

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